Blockchain & Crypto

How can I store my ETH?

There are many options to store coins, each with their own pros and cons. As with anything that involves risk, your best bet might be diversifying bet…


Uses and functions of ETH

What can I buy with ether (ETH)?

nlike Bitcoin, Ethereum isn’t intended to be used only as a cryptocurrency network. It’s a platform for building d…


Where does ether come from?

How is new ether created?

We briefly touched on mining earlier. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, you’ll know that the mining process is integral to…


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform. You can think of it like a laptop or PC, but it doesn’t run on a single device. Instead, it simultaneo…


What Is Facebook Libra (Diem)?

Libra (rebranded to Diem) is a payment system proposed by Facebook. It’s based on a permissioned blockchain that’s expected to power an ecosystem for…


What is Consortium Blockchain?

What is consortium blockchain?

A consortium blockchain is a blockchain consisting of a cluster of multiple private chains managed by multiple organ…


What is Public Blockchains?

What is public blockchains

A public blockchain is a blockchain that supports a transaction can be read and sent by anyone in the world, and can be…


What is the Lightning Network?


Cryptocurrencies have some pretty unique properties. They can’t be hacked or shut down easily, and anyone can use them to transmit val…