BitWell Perpetual Contract Operation Guide


1.Log in to the BitWell website, click on [Assets] – [Perpetual] – [Dashboard], and select [Transfer from Spot] to transfer your spot USDT assets to your Perpetual account. You can also or transfer your perpetual account assets to your spot account via [Transfer to spot].

If you turn on the Cross Collateral function, the coins you hold in spot wallet will be automatically displayed on the ‘Coin select’ when you transfer funds here.

2.Click on [Perpetual] at the top of the home page or click on the link to go directly to:

3.In the main interface of the perpetual contract, the real-time K-line is on the left, the current market is in the middle, and the order placement interface is on the right.

If you have not made a transfer before, you can also click here at the bottom of the order screen to do so, and you can click to turn on the cross collateral function, and then you can transfer a supported coin when you transfer.

4.In the order screen, you can choose from market order, limit order, average price order, etc.; you can open and close a position.

5.Leverage and margin mode selection is on the top right of the order placement screen, with a default leverage of 20x and support for a minimum of 1x and a maximum of 150x.

6.Margin mode supports cross and isolated, users can only switch margin mode without a position or open orders.

7.The plan order placing function is in the [Advanced settings] of the order screen. You can choose from a variety of order methods and order times.

8.You can view your positions below. Unrealized P&L data will update instantly according to market.

Click on [Balance] and on the right side you will see the [Funds Transfer] button, where you can also transfer funds between spot wallet and perpetual account.

9.When you close your positions, you can check your balance details in [Balance]. Funding fee is settled every 8 hours (0:00, 8:00 and 16:00 UTC time every day).

BitWell perpetual contract is now live with Merge-Split feature, For instructions on how to use, please refer to Perpetual Contracts Merge-Split Feature Guide.


1.Login to your BitWell account on APP and click [Contracts] to enter in to Perpetual contracts market. Click the candles icon in the upper right corner of the Perpetual page to view perpetual contract market

Click the blue ‘Cross’ button on the order interface to independently select the margin mode: Cross or Isolated mode, and view the mode introduction at the same time.

Please note: the margin mode can only be switched when there is no position or no open order.

2.Click[Balance] at the bottom of the trading page to check you perpetual contract account balance. You can transfer funds between spot wallet and perpetual contract wallet via [transfer]. And you can click to turn on the cross collateral function, and then you can transfer a supported coin when you transfer.

3.You can choose to open position or close position on order placing page, at the same time, you can choose order types when placing order, the default order type is ‘limit order’ and default leverage is 20X.

4.Click [Open Pos.], you can check open positions and unrealized PNL in your BitWell account. If you are using cross collateral function and funds to open your positions, there is a [Details] button in your involved position and you can check the cross collateral information.

5.Click on the right order symbol to view the history of all orders, all positions and margin.

6.If you want to close the existing open positions, you can click [Close] directly in the open positions to perform the closing operation. Or you may choose ‘Close’ on the order placing page to close the open positions.