BitWell Savings will Add LP Pool

Dear Users,

BitWell Savings will add ‘Deposit BTCB/BUSD, Get WELL’ and ‘Deposit ETH/USDT, Get WELL’ LP pool. The details are as follows:

  • Pool launch time: 2021/07/30, 06:00 AM(UTC)
  • Expected APY: 
    Deposit BTCB/BUSD, expected APY is 5%-15%.
    Deposit ETH/USDT, expected APY is 10%-20%
  • Minimum deposit amount:
    BTCB/BUSD pool: minimum amount is 0.25
    ETH/USDT pool: minimum amount is 0.9
  • Supporting deposit and redeem anytime, T+1 settlement and rewards distribution.

You can trade LP tokens on Swap:

Please note that when you hold LP tokens, you may face a reduction in the asset principal when the token is withdrawn, which is the impermanent loss prevalent in the AMM mechanism.

For more on LP Token and impermanent loss, please refer to

What Are Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP Tokens)?

What is Impermanent Loss?

For more details about BitWell Savings, please refer to the rules of BitWell Savings.

Click to go straight to the BitWell Savings page: 

Or visit the BitWell website home page and click on the top navigation to enter.

BitWell reserves the right of final interpretation of the campaign and may adjust the parameters and schedule of the campaign at any time based on market conditions.

Risk Warning:

When you participate in savings, you may bear higher risks due to the drastic fluctuation of token trading prices. Please judge your risk bearing ability rationally and make sure you have made a full risk assessment and have a full understanding of the tokens before participating.

BitWell is not responsible for any losses caused by the fluctuation of token prices during the period of participation in savings.

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