BitWell Will officially launch on June 6, 2020

Dear users:

Bitwell Digital Assets Service Platform, will officially launch at 2020/6/6 00:00 (UTC). Spot trading, Option Pro and Simple Option will go live synchronously.

Option contract is a featured product of Bitwell. Users can flexibly switch between hedge mode and one-way mode; meanwhile it supports cross margin and isolated margin and also supports mixed margin of multiple currencies, Bitwell option is the first specialized option product providing mixed margin globally.

Meanwhile, in order to be friendly to beginners and enhance user experience, Bitwell will release simple option. Simple option is the most easy-to-operate product compared with others, with the characteristics of avoidance of liquidation, limited loss and infinite profit. Beginners can trade option contracts easily and safely.

Previously, Bitwell has been open for beta test from 2020/4/6. During the two-month testing period, Bitwell involved market makers, financial institutions, seed users with trading background and investors. When beta test is completed, Bitwell platform, especially its option product has been highly praised.

Bitwell is committed to building a fair and transparent global trading platform of digital assets, providing global investors with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain derivatives services, creating a complete ecosystem for traditional financial institutions and more users to enter the blockchain world in the future.

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Bitwell is committed to building a fair and transparent global digital asset trading platform, providing investors with secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain derivatives trading services.


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