How to Change SMS Verification


  • Google or Email verification needs to be enabled before changing SMS Mobile Verification.
  • For security purposes, the functions of withdrawal, OTC and internal transfers will be disabled for 24 hours after changing your SMS Mobile Verification.
  • BitWell APP currently does not support changing phone number, please move to the web version to operate.

When you need to change your SMS verification phone number, kindly refer to the following steps (please note your original phone number must be available).

  1. Login to your BitWell account on, click on [User Centre] in the top right corner, and then click on [Account Security] – [2FA].

2.Click [Change] next to the Mobile verification, then click [Send], you will be prompted to enter a SMS verification code from your original phone number, and then click [Confirm] to enter the next step.

3. Enter your new phone number and SMS verification code, then enter the Google verification code or email verification code, click [confirm] to submit, your SMS phone number will be updated successfully.

4.After changing, you can log in your BitWell account directly with your new phone number.

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