How to register for a BitWell account


1. Open the official website

2. Click on the “Register” button at the top right of the home page

It is recommended to register directly with your mobile phone number, if you have an invitation code, you can fill it in when registering.

Password setting format: 8-20 characters + numbers + letters combination.

3. After registration, log in your BitWell account directly, click on the Account Security tab at the top of the page on the User Centre, then click on the KYC button to complete the verification.

Follow the instructions on the webpage to complete ID verification, please refer to How to complete ID verification for details.

Tips: ID verification requires uploading photos. You can use your mobile device to take photos and then upload them to your computer. Alternatively, this step can be done directly on the mobile APP.


1. JPG or PNG format only. The size cannot exceed 15 MB.

2. ID information should be clear; reversed or post-processed images, or images with watermark or stains are not acceptable.

3.Selfie: Please provide a photo with your ID information, including portrait photo, and a handwritten note paper. You need to hold the paper and ensure your face and the ID information are clear and recognizable. On the paper, please write your BitWell account id, and today’s date: 2686156, 2021-03-06

4.Please upload files in strict accordance with the requirements, otherwise the verification will fail.

The method of viewing your account UID:

Click User Center- Profile, you will see your account UID is on the right side of the word “Profile”.

4. Set fund password

After registration, it is recommended to set a fund password which will be used while buying crypto.

Click User Center – Account Security – Fund password, please check the detailed process within this link: How to set fund password.

If you forget or need to modify the fund password, please see How to reset and modify the fund password.

5. Other settings

In the user center – account security, you can also set up multi-factor authentication, modify the login password, etc., and you can make actions according to your actual needs.

Note: If you have set up multi-factor authentication, you need to complete the verification at the same time when withdrawing. If you are not familiar with Google verification and the email is inconvenient, you can also choose not to set it.

If you need to change the account mobile phone, please check How to change the mobile phone verification.


1.   Enter the APP, click the icon at the upper left corner of the homepage.

2.   You can see the KYC option in the pop-up window, and you can also see the account UID on the top.

3.   The ID verification process is the same as the PC side. Follow the prompts to upload 3 photos and wait for the review to be completed.

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