How to enable Google Authentication

What is Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool that works similar to SMS dynamic verification. It generates a dynamic verification code every 30s after binding, and the code can be used for security verification for operations such as logging in, withdrawing cash and modifying security settings.

How to set up:

Use your mobile phone to download Google Authenticator. iOS users log in to the AppStore and search for ‘Google Authenticator’, and Android users log in to the app store or use the mobile browser to search for ‘Google Authenticator’ to download.

2. Please open the Google Authenticator App, click on the ‘+’ in the bottom right corner and select ‘Scan a QR code’.

3. Scan the QR code shown on the binding page or enter the key manually, then the Google Authenticator App in your phone will generate a 6-digit verification code, fill in the space and click on the binding.

4. Enter the email verification code/SMS verification code on the new page. The email verification code is valid for 30 minutes, the SMS verification code is valid for 10 minutes and the Google verification code is valid for 30 seconds. If you try frequently but still prompted you with Google Captcha error, please synchronize the time of your phone and computer to be the same.

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