BitWell’s Proposal to use Community Nodes Incentive tokens to invest in the WELL Vault

Dear users:

To give back to the community, BitWell officials initiated the following proposals: 300,000 WELL of the Community Node Incentive Program’s WELL (16% of the total) will be invested in the vault to reward WELL owners for their support.

The community voting is now officially open to all registered BitWell users. BitWell officials will respect the community’s opinion and choose the proposal with more than 50% support.

If the proposal is approved, it will be implemented when ‘WELL Vault 2.0’ opens. Please follow the official announcement for the detailed rule and open time about the ‘WELL Vault 2.0’.

Click and join the vote:

Voting time: Start from now on to 07:00 AM(UTC time) 2020/12/09

Note: The BitWell Community Voting Feature will be available soon, Please stay tuned.

BitWell Team

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