Calling for BitWell Knights

BitWell need your help to continue growing into a better and stronger exchange platform. Being an early investor and supporter, we would like to ask you to consider becoming a BitWell Knight and grow together with us. We are enlisting volunteers to become our BitWell Knight.

What do you need to do as a BitWell Knight?

As a Knight, your task will be to look after and help BitWell grow. At the moment, we need help in the following areas:

  • Help new users use the platform
  • Respond to users’ questions and comments
  • Participate in testing and give early feedback for beta versions
  • Assist in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups
  • Help BitWell maintain and moderate online and offline communities
  • Help BitWell translate and proofread content
  • Provide BitWell with market feedback and suggestions
  • Any other suggestions that you think will help BitWell grow


  • Get invited to all of our events, as a privileged guest or organizer
  • Get special access to members of the BitWell team
  • Be invited to exclusive BitWell Knight meet-ups, with only BitWell Knights and senior BitWell team members
  • Your feedback and suggestions about BitWell will be considered at high priority
  • You will receive limited edition gifts, made only for BitWell Knights


Location: Global

Additional requirements: Passionate about  crypto currency and exchange and already a supporter of BitWell.

Apply here:

BitWell Team