Statement of fake WELL trade on Uniswap

Dear Users,

Since the opening of BitWell Yield Farming and the announcement of platform token WELL, it has received great attention from community users. Recently, we found that the trade of WELL appeared on the decentralized trading platform Uniswap.

In response to this, BitWell makes the following statement:

  1. The BitWell platform token WELL has not yet listed on the blockchain, and the WELL contract address, price, total issuance, online time, etc. appearing on Uniswap are all false information;
  2. BitWell officials have no prior knowledge of any WELL transaction on Uniswap, and have never authorized any third party (individual or platform) to conduct WELL transfers, transactions, or other actions.
  3. Please do not believe that participating in the project causes assets to be deceived. BitWell is not responsible for any loss caused by your participation in the fake Uniswap transaction.
  4. Regarding the platform token WELL chain circulation, trading and other matters, please refer to our subsequent official announcements.

For official BitWell contract address, please click the following link.

Thank you for your support of BitWell!

BitWell Team

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