BitWell will open a WELL Auction Carnival on November 09

Dear User,

By the end of the auction on November 06, the WELL price has increased from the price of 0.01 USDT to 0.15 USDT, and the demand for WELLs from the community remains high.

Therefore, after fully considering the opinions and feedbacks of community users, BitWell decided to open a new WELL auction carnival on November 09, 2020. Kindly check below for more details:

The auction carnival is scheduled to start at 04:00 AM (UTC) and end at 16:00 PM (UTC) on November 09, and from 10:00 AM (UTC) on November 08, sellers will be allowed to place ask orders and choose the opening time independently. We will provide multiple time periods for selection.

BitWell Team

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