BitWell will start “Free WELL with limited Privilege Card Subscription” Program

Dear User,

BitWell will start the “Free WELL with limited Privilege Card Subscription” program event from 06:00AM (UTC) on November 12, 2020. Kindly check below for more details:

  1. This round of BitWell privilege card subscription will only be open to regular users who have participated in MineWell yield farming, all regular users can participate in the subscription and get the card, we will give away the equivalent value of WELL according to the subscription amount (the WELL price is based on the average price of the three auctions before the start of this round of subscription), this round of subscription will release a maximum value of 3.75 million USDT of WELL.
  2. By purchasing a BitWell Privilege Card, users will receive discounts on all existing BitWell trading fees(spot+options) and will be able to upgrade their privilege card to unlock more benefits.
  3. After the first subscription, we will open new subscription sessions for other users.

BitWell Team

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