BitWell’s Announcement Regarding the Upcoming Ethereum Merge (08.11.2022)

Dear users,

The Ethernet network is expected to undergo a merger plan in Q3/Q4 of 2022, where the current Ethereum Mainnet will merge with the Beacon Chain proof of stake system.

  • BitWell’s ETH perpetual contracts will track the proof of stake Ethereum after the Merge.
  • In case of new forked tokens, BitWell will evaluate the support for distribution and withdrawal of the forked tokens.
  • In order to protect BitWell users, all forked tokens will go through the same strict listing review process as BitWell does for any other coin/token. BitWell does not guarantee any listings as per our internal policy.
  • We will provide more details or updates in further announcements.

BitWell Team

BitWell is committed to building a fair and transparent global digital asset trading platform, providing investors with secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain trading services.


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