How to Mine on BitWell Website

1.Login your account on and click ‘MineWell’ at the top of the webpage or ‘Farming’ on the left of the home page.

2.Enter into the home page of ‘MineWell’

On this page, you can go to mine by trading, deposit, and inviting friends to mine. You can also check the number of Wells you currently hold and the allocation obtained through the Mining pool. At the same time, in the three mines below, there is a simple explanation of each pool.

3.Trade-driven Farming

Click the ‘Trade Now’ button, you will enter into the BTC spot trading page by default. Of course, you can also freely choose to trade options.

According to the Mining calculation rules, only the maker-turnover of spot trade and options trade will be calculated as the effective mining turnover, and the system will automatically calculate and distribute the  to you in daily settlement. 

(What is maker?

 Maker transaction refers to the order that is not immediately fulfilled, but enters the order queue and waits for the counterparty to take the initiative.)

4.Deposit-driven farming

Click the ‘Deposit’ button, and you will enter into your personal mining page. On this page, you can choose to deposit any one or more currencies among BTC, ETH, USDt, HT, BNB, OKB, GT, KCS, MX, FTT and UNI to participate in mining. At the time of daily settlement, the well will be automatically distributed to you according to your daily average saving amount.


A. You need to manually click ‘deposit’ on the Deposit-driven farming page to participate in mining. Available assets in your account will not be automatically calculated in mining. As long as there are available assets, you can transfer to the deposit mining pool at any time.

B. The saving assets can also be withdrawn or re-deposit at any time.

C. According to the random snapshot rule, we can not guarantee that the assets will enter into the calculation of saving amount immediately after ‘deposit’.

5.Invite friends to Mine

Click the ‘invite friends’ button, you will enter into the rebate page of your account user center. On this page, it is supported to see the number of friends you have invited, your own invitation code, and to generate invitation links.

BitWell always focuses on the optimization and innovation of digital asset derivatives. We will strive to build a complete blockchain ecology for institutions and users.