BitWell Institute – OLOID(OLOID) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute

The Oloid team was inspired by the magical geometric object that is the OLOID, and with its characteristic that even if its shape is curved, it goes in a straight line when it gets a push, to create and develop the Oloid project and define the Oloid philosophy “Invest-Hold-Get Reward-Reinvest”.

One of the greatest problems in the CryptoWorld is the rugpulls and scam projects. OLOID is not going to renounce the ownership for further developments yet the key to LP is burnt forever which will make the OLOID rug-pull free. And the transfers are not bearing any fees to resolve the issue with the arbitrage boundaries that the tokenomics having projects encounter with.

2. Introduction of the project

The OLOID is an intriguing and widely unknown geometric shape with amazing mathematical and aesthetic properties. It was discovered in 1929 by German sculptor, inventor and mathematiThe OLOID is such a fantastic geometric object that even if its shape is curved, it goes in a straight line. Just as this movement type, when an investor invests into Oloid, the rewards start to accumulate. 

Depending on the order book the USDT Rewards are automatically distributed back to holders (between 10 minutes to 24 hours). When there is a sell, the contract automatically payouts the dividends leading to a reinvesting opportunity to increase the share of next token distribution. For sure, the reinvestment is upon holders will. We call it the Oloid Philosophy. Anyone can buy, hold, get rewards and reinvestcian Paul Schatz.

3. Token Role

The OLOID has a 10% fee in every buy and sell transaction. 7% is allocated back to Token Holders with a minimum balance of 100 Oloid Tokens. 3% is allocated to the marketing wallet at 0x0F2E51f6Feb7B23f53E22cE0Cfe1DDf8EdB67e98.

The link to marketing wallet is provided below.

4. Token Distribution

  • • 53% is fair launch on pancake
  • • 24% to be burnt (will be disclosed in whitepaper v02)
    Future Burn Wallet 0x4f07840269c5134DD3974dEF40D3449D4d17EAA3
    This wallet is excluded from dividends.
  • • 14% is allocated to angel investors
  • • 9% for Dev for future listings.

5. Investment Institutions


6. Basic Information

Token name: OLOID

Project website:

Block Query: