BitWell Institute – Seek Tiger (STI) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute 

SeekTiger is a decentralized game aggregation platform committed to creating a GameFi game aggregation platform based on WEB 3.0 concepts, smart contract constraints, and DAO voting governance for global users, including decentralized NFT trading and a meta-universe ecosystem of cross-Tiger CAPITAL chain integration system. GameFi chain game aggregation platform is mainly responsible for providing a cross-chain aggregated gaming environment for players. Decentralized NFT trading is used to enable the circulation of game assets and virtual socialization of creators and investors. It assists in the incubation of potential chain games. It also provides an easy-to-operate, simple and fun game aggregation platform for developers and gamers.

According to the current situation, all kinds of industries are embracing the metaverse and making efforts to build the metaverse ecology, and the economic structure model of the whole society is also changing. Seek Tiger will devote itself to the creation of a decentralized financial metaverse and will develop into a comprehensive service platform integrating metaverse creation, operation and management in the future. With the development momentum of Web3, the project’s prospect is worthy of long-term optimism, but we still need to pay attention to secondary market risks.

2. Introduction of the project

SeekTiger is a DAO ecological service platform based on WEB 3.0, the ecological DAPP includes TIGER DAO VC, Gaming aggregation platform, NFT marketplace, DEX, all DAPPs are governed by DAO; SeekTiger innovatively combine mystery box, NFT tiger asset with DAO, presenting you a DAO+NFT+GAMEFI+DEFI +VC metaverse ecosysthem.

3. Token Role

STI is the governance token of SEEK TIGER, holding STI can participate in the IGO of various games inside the platform, and is also the ticket to enter each game, which eventually allows the holder to vote on the key balance content changes and new features of the game platform. STI is deflated on the platform through both in-game consumption and game mechanism destruction, STI consumed by players will go directly to 0X address. The profit part of the game project will be allocated a part of direct destruction according to a specific ratio, until the destruction reaches 10 million. 70% of the usage right of STI tokens belongs to DAO members.

4. Token Distribution

  • IDO: 5%  Community will be invited to participate in IDO of whitelist, and the quota of each address is 100U
  • Institutions: 10%  Release 10% before launching, then release 10% every 2 months and complete the release in 18 months
  • DAO: 15%  Monthly distribution of 15% of tokens to DAO Medal of Honor members in the form of dividends
  • DEX: 20%  5% of the tokens will be distributed in the decentralized liquidity pool in phases and quarterly, and destroy the private key.
  • Play to Earn: 50%  Mining in the game requires DAO voting to generate mining pool, the total amount of each mining pool cannot exceed 10% of the total pool.

5. Investment Institutions

Not disclosed

6. Basic Information

Token name: STI

Project website:

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