BitWell Launches a Deposit Voting on New Phase: Pitbull (PIT)

Dear users,

In order to provide you with a richer variety of transactions, BitWell will start a new phase of deposit voting on the new launch campaign, this project: Pitbull (PIT).

Deposit Voting Period: May 17, 2022 14:00 – May 23, 2022 14:00 UTC

Rules of Deposit voting on the new launch:

  • If more than 400 users deposit the project tokens during the campaign period, and the deposit amount of a single user exceeds $10 and is kept until the end of the campaign, the vote is considered successful.
  • Fill out the form 500 lucky users who participate in the deposit voting can get NFT from Pitbull.
  • If there is any suspicion of cheating be found or complained by users, the contest will be disqualified if it is proved to be true.

Thank you for your support of BitWell.

BitWell Team

About Pitbull (PIT)

Pitbull (PIT) is a community-driven, dog-themed meme coin on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It prides itself on community development and claims to be a “unique social experiment” by engaging investors in the development of the community, as well as in the project itself.

Pitbull rewards its investors through an auto-staking mechanism, which guarantees passive yield by rewarding token holders with fees from transactions that are conducted in PIT.

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