BitWell Institute – SUKU (SUKU) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute

SUKU, which built the meta-universe ecosystem based on the Web3 infrastructure solution, has a strong blockchain expertise with a team originating from Deloitte Blockchain Labs and has delivered successful solutions for large partners including Fortune 500 companies by now.

InfiniteWorld of the SUKU ecosystem focuses on providing infrastructure for brands and celebrities in the NFT marketplace and has recently become an official metaverse partner of McLaren Automotive. SUKU has also built the NFT evaluation program NFT Grade, which generates evaluation reports for NFT. Thus SUKU has completed its full line of layout from E2E (Engage to Earn) solutions to the NFT market. On the other hand, its supply chain solution, SUKU Omni, has helped many brands to build a credit bridge between consumers and merchants, and together with the economic system of financial services provided by SUKU DeFi, it has made the existing DeFi supply chain become possible.

SUKU has been recognized by Coinbase and online, as a project with technology, scenarios and future value, its outlook is still very good, and is bound to shine on the track of meta-universe, the project can continue to be concerned.

2. Introduction of the project

SUKU is an ecosystem of blockchain-based Web3 solutions designed to enable innovative brands and creators to engage with their audiences in the physical world and meta-universe in a whole new way, with an ecology that includes:

  • InfiniteWorld, NFT Marketplace and Metaverse. An infrastructure to extend your brand and community into the metaverse.
  • SUKU Omni, transparency and traceability. Transforming your supply chain into verifiable and compelling stories for your customers.
  • SUKU DeFi, microfinance and collateral. Funding for those who engage with your brand.

3. Token Role

The SUKU ecosystem uses the ERC20-compatible token SUKU. Trading partners and technology partners within the SUKU ecosystem can trade via the token. the SUKU token has the following uses.

Governance: Users who own SUKU tokens can use their voting rights. For example, users may have the opportunity to vote on proposals to improve the SUKU core layer.

Transaction fees: For particular transactions performed in the SUKU Core Tier, the fees charged by the platform will be allocated to the SUKU Reserve and SUKU Nodes. In addition, technology partners may receive SUKU tokens for designing applications or services.

Incentives: SUKU tokens are used to reward users of the platform. For example, when users access information along the supply chain, contributors to the information (e.g. farmers) are rewarded with SUKU tokens. These tokens can be used as collateral to obtain public financing to provide small loans to individuals in need.

4. Token Distribution

Total supply, 1.5 billion SUKU.

  • Team 10%, in locked position
  • Operations 20%, with some transferred to the company’s Coinbase escrow account, but none sold or put into circulation
  • Community and Technology Development 26.8%, used to support SUKU DeFi
  • Trading partners 28%, used to expand the sustainability of the SUKU ecosystem
  • Private Placement 12.9%, in lockup
  • IEO and liquidity mining 2.3%

5. Investment Institutions


6. Basic Information

Token name: SUKU

Project website:

Block Query: