BitWell Institute – StreamCoin (STRM) Project Analysis

1.Short Review of the Institute

StreamCoin has created MeiTalk, an innovative live streaming platform that conveniently connects hosts and users who want to watch live streams from different areas of the world. MeiTalk also  allows multiple streams to other streaming platforms around the world at the same time. Hosts can use MeiTalk to reach and acquire a worldwide audience using a single platform.

MeiTalk solves the core problems faced by the live streaming industry, such as geographic and audience limitations, and more importantly, it also solves the problems that have been troubling users and hosts, such as high platform fees, revenue and profit limitations of third-party live streaming platforms. At the same time, both viewers and hosts can earn StreamCoin (STRM) through MeiTalk to gain revenue and mint NFT from streaming content to sell on the Stream NFT marketplace to expand additional revenue streams.

It can be said that MeiTalk, which is faster and cheaper, is a major innovation and disruption to the entire live streaming industry and will facilitate the mass adoption of StreamCoin. There are no obvious competitors in the market at the moment, and the project’s prospects are promising. However, we need to pay attention to StreamCoin (STRM) in the recent large-scale on the firm, pay attention to the risk of the secondary market.

2. Introduction of the project

StreamCoin (STRM) is built on BNB Chain and uses Proof of Stake (PoSA) consensus algorithm while maintaining cross-chain compatibility with multiple blockchains. StreamCoin is dedicated to powering the MeiTalk ecosystem of live streaming platforms by providing new and unique features.

The Stream NFT Marketplace is a key component of the StreamCoin ecosystem, allowing users to use STRM to purchase NFTs. In addition, it allows users to cast video NFTs while providing a payment layer to facilitate transactions.

3. Token role

StreamCoin (STRM) is a local cryptocurrency for the entire MeiTalk ecosystem, allowing users in any region of the world to directly sponsor their favorite hosts using STRM without paying high third-party fees. STRM holders can also perform transactions related to the MeiTalk platform, as well as trade NFT in the Stream NFT marketplace.

4. Token Distribution

StreamCoin (STRM) is a BEP-20 token issued on BNB Chain with an initial total supply of 8,800,000,000 and a current total supply of 4,520,000,000 after two rounds of destruction.

  • Private Placement Round 38.94%
  • Team 29.2%, locked for 3 years from IPO, then unlocked during 40 installments of 2.5% of their portion
  • Partners and advisors 9.73%, with a lock-up position of 2 years from IPO, then unlocked during 40 installments of 2.5% of their respective portions
  • Public sales 11.06%, of which 80% of the proceeds are used for market making and the remaining 20% for maintenance
  • Marketing 11.06%

5. Investment institutions

BNB Chain, TNC Group, WeBlock, SlowMist, AKG Ventures, Real Research, Metabase Network, DAOVerse Capital.

6. Basic Information

Token name: STRM

Project website:

Block Query: