BitWell Institute – MetisDAO (METIS) Project Analysis

1. Institute short comment

Currently Layer2 is the popular track, most of the released products have not issued coins, Metis already occupies the advantage of issuing coins, which will attract funds who chase layer2 track, and with the main online, it needs to stake Metis, and also needs Metis as miner’s fee, which will increase the demand of Metis, and the future development is still worth looking forward to.

Although Metis has many challenges, Metis still has great advantages. The next step is to focus on his ecological development, which is the key to the ultimate practicality of Metis public chain.

2. Project Introduction

Metis is an open framework built on a two-tier protocol for the creation, management and development of DACs, decentralized self-organizing company. It distinguishes between DAO and DAC, describing the latter as a subclass of DAO. while DAO focuses on governance issues, DAC is specifically designed to address the day-to-day operations and management of projects. Its focus is on building sustainable, decentralized company on a high-performance underlying blockchain through the DAC framework.

3. Token Role

Metis tokens are utility tokens that will be used as.

  • layer2’s gas cost
  • Pledge to get rewards
  • Validate nodes
  • Governance tokens
  • Community Development

4. Token Allocation

  • Transaction mining: 32.84%
  • Community Development: 9%
  • Founding Team: 7%
  • Private investors: 7%
  • Seed round investors: 6%
  • Airdrop: 6%
  • Liquidity pre-deposit: 6%
  • MetisLab Foundation: 4%
  • Community Star Investors: 3%
  • Advisors: 1.5%
  • Strategic Investors: 1.5%
  • Angel Investor: 1%
  • IDO: 0.3%

5. Investment institutions

Ralf P. Gerteis, P1X Capital, Waterdrip Capital, CatcherVC, DFG, Chain Capital, AC Capital, Block.power Combinator, Hotbit, SSSnodes, Crasolum KernelVentures, Jubi Labs.

6. Basic Information

Token name: METIS

Project website:

Block query: