Participate in Perpetual Contracts Trading Competition, Win WELLoot NFT & Share 900,000 WELL

Dear users:

BitWell is launching ‘Perpetual Contracts Trading Competition’ Event. Users who participate in perpetual contracts trading have a chance to win limited WELLoot NFT, and even have more chances to get extra WELL rewards.

Promotion Period: 2022/04/27 12:00 – 2022/05/03 11:59 (UTC time)

Trading range: All BitWell perpetual contracts varieties

 Promotion A: Trade perpetual contracts and win WELLoot NFT

  • During the campaign period, the platform will give away a limited number of WELLoot NFT to 10 users per day from among all WELL holders who participate in perpetual contracts trading.
  • Draw requirements: account must be authenticated and have a single day perpetual contracts trading volume more than 100,000 USDT
  • Winners will be able to claim their prize on Opensea, please check the official community notifications for details.

Promotion B: Hold WELL to trade perpetual contracts, share 900,000 WELL

  • During the campaign period, users who hold WELL tokens and complete the identity authentication can share a total of 900,000 WELL if they trade perpetual contracts.
  • Individual user’s share of WELL = total trading volume of the user during the campaign period * average daily WELL holding volume of the user during the campaign period / (total trading volume of the platform during the campaign period * average daily WELL holding volume of all perpetual trading users on the platform during the campaign period)
  • The platform will complete the reward distribution within 7 days after the end of the promotion.

In order to ensure the fairness of the activity, cheating behaviors such as wash trades, market manipulation and self-dealing are strictly prohibited. If the user appears to affect the normal operation of the activities of illegal operations, the platform will immediately cancel the award eligibility, the account will be frozen if the situation is serious.

About WELLoot

WELLoot is a Loot NFT project built on the MATIC blockchain, developed by BitWell, where each WELLoot is randomly scarce, more novel, playable and expandable.

The WELLoot NFT is an NFT rewarded by users through community contributions and will be a utility NFT that can be used within the community in the future, in addition to increasing the user’s status, access, reputation or authority within the community. BitWell will continue to expand WELLoot and give more value to the use of WELLoot NFT in the future.

Risk Warning:

Cryptocurrency investment is innovative blockchain products, and subject to price fluctuation. Please judge your risk-taking ability rationally and make your investments with caution.

BitWell is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the cryptocurrency trading and holding.

BitWell Team

BitWell is committed to building a fair and transparent global digital asset trading platform, providing investors with secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain derivatives trading services.


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