BitWell Institute – Lunr Token (LUNR) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute

LunarCrush is community-driven and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse data from multiple social channel sources to uncover valuable insights that users can use to aid data-driven trading decisions. lunarCrush measures market activity and user sentiment by collecting and analysing data from social media networks, and also allows us to track which influencers are primarily involved in which tokens.

LunarCrush uses social media data as an entry point, innovatively combining cryptocurrency and social media into one. With over 1.2 million TVLs and growing, many projects are already being judged and promoted on LunarCrush searches.

LunarCrush does not sell subscriptions, flood users with ads, or sell user data, but rather rewards users for their use of the platform and their efforts by integrating LUNR tokens, thus creating a positive incentive. The project already has a certain reputation and user base, and is worth watching in the long term.

2. Introduction of the project

LunarCRUSH is a blockchain-based social media metrics aggregator focused on “monitoring cryptocurrencies with social networks”, helping investors understand the true value of cryptocurrencies by tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency community behavior (e.g. Twitter activity, popularity, news, Google search volume, etc.) and providing users with better data for crypto trading and investment decisions. LunarCrush already serves over 3,000 cryptocurrency projects.

3. Token role

LUNR is LunarCrush’s functional token that rewards users for their efforts in the LunarCrush platform.

1) Get LUNR

  • Visit LunarCrush daily
  • Provide opinions on the crypto market
  • Recommend LunarCrush to a friend
  • Hold your LUNR tokens

2) LunarCrush Levels and Benefits

  • Level 1
    Access to all social + market metrics for 3 months and 1 daily live alert in the app.
  • Level 2
    Get additional weekly LUNR rewards, up to a year’s worth of data, more details on Galaxy Score™ and AltRank™, and unlimited in-app alerts.
  • Level 3
    Get an additional higher weekly LUNR bonus, up to two years of data, unlimited emails, SMS, telegrams and in-app alerts.
  • Level 4
    Access to and use of all available data, the highest level of daily and weekly rewards and access to LunrFi, VIP access to Discord, unlimited email, SMS, telegrams and in-app alerts.

4. Token allocation

Total number of tokens: 250,000,000

1) Community: 127,500,000 (51%)

51% of LUNR, awarded to users as a contribution to the ecosystem on LunarCrush.

  • Daily Rewards
    Months 1-24: Up to 65,000 LUNR per day
    Months 25-48: Up to 32,500 LUNR per day
    Months 49-60: Up to 16,250 LUNR per day
  • Weekly Rewards
    Months 1-24: 50,000 LUNR every 7 days
    Months 25-48: 25,000 LUNR every 7 days
    Months 49-60: 12,500 LUNR every 7 days

After 60 months, the community component will have a balance of at least 35,992,500 LUNR, or 14.40% of the maximum supply.

At the beginning of the 51st month, approximately 23 January 2026 (or day 1556), the community will jointly confirm the final release schedule for the remaining 14.40%.

2) Operational: 72,500,000 (29%)

  • 17.79% will be released linearly from day 90, starting on 21 January 2022, with 24 months release.
  • 11.21% will be released linearly from day 90, starting 21 January 2022, with a 9-month release.

3) Incentive: 50,000,000 (20%)

Incentive can be used for community growth, liquidity provision, etc. This portion will be released linearly over 24 months, starting on day 0 and ending on day 1801.

5. Investment institutions

Daper Goren Holm(Tim drapper)、Techstarts、OKEx Blockdream Ventures、TRGC、Blockchain Founders Fund、Manutara Ventures、Alphabit、KANO.ONE、Panda Capital.

6. Basic information

Token name: LUNR

Project website: