BitWell Institute – Rangers Protocol (RPG) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute

Rangers Protocol (formerly Rocet Protocol) was incubated by MixMarvel, a renowned blockchain game publisher, and has evolved over the years from its initial solution for scaling Layer 2 of Ether to a progressive transformation that incorporates cross-chain, NFT, and EVM protocols and enables cross-chain contracts between EVM systems on multiple blockchains Interoperable high-performance chain clusters.

Rangers as a whole tends to provide technical support for complex applications such as NFT and competitive games, and to enable the rapid flow of data, assets and other types of information between chains. The project has a unique openness and inclusiveness. With the support of MixMarvel, more games suitable for the characteristics of blockchain players will be transplanted into Rangers in the future, which is expected to bring more users and the project can be optimistic in the long run.

2. Introduction of the project

Rangers Protocol is a future-proof blockchain infrastructure for virtual worlds. It integrates cross-chain, NFT, EVM and distributed network protocols to professionally support NFT and complex applications.Rangers Protocol serves all entrepreneurs and pioneering developers, allowing them to freely experiment with content creation, cross-chain operations and application development in the Protocol’s ecosystem without having to obtain a license.

3. Token role

RPG (Rangers Protocol Gas) is a Rangers Protocol ecosystem token with a total supply of 21 million, issued in ERC20 and BEP20 formats. In the Rangers Protocol economic system, the ecological nodes that generate blocks are divided into proposal and validation nodes. The system uses an open participation mechanism that allows all users to participate in the operation of the system.

1) Becoming a node

RPGs generate blocks through eco-nodes, which are divided into proposal and validation nodes. Eco-users pay RPG as a deposit to become a proposal node through community voting. rangers Protocol has designed an RPG equity mechanism where users need to buy RPG and take a stake to become a validation node.

2) Ecological Governance

The community can use RPG to participate in the governance of Rangers Protocol.

Rangers Protocol will launch a sub-chain scheme to support developers to publish homogeneous sub-chains to the Rangers Engine. These sub-chains are allowed to issue tokens in the RAP20 format. The launch of the sub-chains will require the community to vote using RPG.

3) Payment of GAS fees

Developers need to consume RPG to develop, publish and operate their applications on top of the Rangers protocol.

Users need to pay and consume RPG when using applications on Rangers. cross-chain or transfer using the Rangers protocol also requires payment or consumption of RPG.

Creators will also need to pay or consume RPG when publishing and editing their work using tools based on the Rangers protocol and uploading it to the blockchain.

4) RPG acquisition

Both proposing and verifying nodes can earn RPG rewards by participating in the block production process.

The Foundation will hold regular development contests, game competitions and other events to attract developers. Winning users or teams can receive RPG rewards directly, and their apps will be further incubated by the Foundation into commercial dApps .

The Foundation encourages eco-apps to use RPG as a reward for user behaviour.

4. Token allocation

1) Investors (10%): Equal unlock (claim) each day. Token allocation for investors will be fully unlocked within 400 days.

2) The core team (14%): core developers and maintainers, 8% of the remaining amount is released every 180 days.

3) Incubators and consultants (7%): Incubators and strategic partners, 8% of the remaining amount is released every 180 days.

4) Ecological community (49%): 8% of the remaining amount is released every 180 days, the ecological community consists of ecological nodes of both Rangers Engine and Rangers Connector.

  • Rangers Engine Ecological Nodes (35%)
    Proposal nodes (24.5%): join through RPG-staking election and provide special hardware
    Verification nodes (10.5%): stake RPG, and provide required hardware
  • Rangers Connector Ecological Nodes (14%) 

5) Ecological fund (20%): The unused amount is locked, community voting will be held, and relevant announcements made on the foundation website upon use.

  • Market Operation (8%): DAO mechanism approves proposals based on community voting
  • Developers (7%): Grant mechanism distributes rewards to community members based on contribution
  • Market Value Management CEX (2%)
  • DEX Liquidity (1%)
  • KOL (0.83%)
  • Liquidity Rewards (0.67%)
  • IDO (0.5%)

6) Treasury (0%): reward and penalty pool, dynamically balanced during operation, the value can be adjusted by community voting

  • Slash mechanism: punishment based on the security threat level 
  • Taxation mechanism: service fees for middle layer protocols and upper-layer applications

5. Investment institutions

Pantera、Framework Ventures、Alameda Research、Hashkey Capital、SevenX Ventures、SNZ、Spark Digital Capital、Incuba Alpha Holdings、Consensus Lab、Puzzle Ventures、Kernel Ventures、Morningstar Ventures、Origin Capital、Yuanyuzhou Ventures、AU21Capital.

6. Basic information

Token name: RPG

Project website: