BitWell Institute – X World Games (XWG) Project Analysis

1.Short review of the Institute

NFT games are getting more and more attention and participation from crypto community users, and the team has made blockchain more possible from technological innovation to application innovation. X World Games integrates the latest card game with the platform to bring more on-chain rights to players and investors, and the project value entry point can be said to be precise. What is foreseeable according to the roadmap is that the innovative trading features and platform functions are bound to open the door to the road of future development.

2. Introduction of the project

X World Games is a decentralized gaming platform built on the Ether Chain and Binance smart chain, allowing players to play games while earning XWG tokens and using XWG tokens to trade in-game assets or perform other in-game functions. It is also the world’s first Japanese ACGN NFT card battling game.

3. Token role

XWG token are the native password of X World Games and is the essential fuel that drives X World Games ecosystem. The main functions are as follows:

1) Payments

XWG is a digital pass that players use to purchase in-game items and participate in game activities.

2) Mining Pool Rewards

Mining Pool Rewards is a way to enrich the game ecosystem by earning pass rewards from playing the game. Pass holders can participate in creating new cards and earn tokens from the marketplace as creators. For example, the X World Games platform will earn revenue from card sales, NFT sales, and trading fees, which will be allocated to the pledge pool rewards in a fixed percentage. There will also be DeFi mining pool features such as pledge, repurchase and destruction mechanisms.

3) DAO Governance

Having an XWG token enables players to participate in the governance process through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a development proposal and voting structure. Issues related to platform operations and development can be voted on according to the preferences of the token holders. To encourage users to participate in the voting process, the act of voting is also rewarded.

4) Game Mining

A portion of the tokens are set aside for user game mining rewards. Players can earn XWG tokens by simply playing games. This is designed to encourage users to participate in games, grow the community and maintain platform traction.

4. Token allocation

  • Total Supply: 10 billion
  • Strategic Sales: 1.7 billion
  • Seed Sales: 800 million
  • Foundations: 900 million
  • Mining Pools: 4.9 billion
  • Team: 900 million
  • Marketing: 500 million
  • Liquidity pool: 300 million

5. Investment institutions

NGC、FBG Capital、Longling Capital、SNZ、Moonwhale Ventures、BTX Capital、Kirin Capital、Chain Capital、Crypto Differ、Lanlaxy Group、PreAngel Fund、CatcherVC.

6. Basic information

Token name: XWG

Project website: