BitWell Institute – ApolloX (APX) Project Analysis

1. Institute Short Review

ApolloX is a centralized and decentralized combination of virtual currency exchange, currently has opened transaction mining activities, platform coin APX has deflation mechanism, the platform will automatically buy back 1% of each transaction and destroy. Recently, because of its token APX online, it has generated a maximum increase of nearly one thousand times, which makes more users pay attention to it. However, it is not recommended to take over the platform coin at a high level in the secondary market at present, if you are optimistic about its value, you can get it through transaction mining.

2. Project introduction

ApolloX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that combines centralization and decentralization.

3. Token role

APX is the ApolloX platform ecological pass.

4. Token allocation

The total amount of APX is 10 billion, and the specific allocation is as follows.

  • Community Finance: 45%
  • User transaction reward: 44%
  • Marketing & Partners: 5%
  • Mapping mining reward: 3.5%
  • PancakeSwap listing: 2.5%

5. Investment Institution


6. Basic Information

Token Name: APX

project website:

Block query: