BitWell will List ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) Spot Trading and Open Trading Competition

Dear Users,

In order to provide you with richer trading varieties, BitWell will list ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) spot trading, details are as follows:

  • Open time: 2022/01/08 10:00 AM (UTC time)
  • Online section: innovation zone on spot trading
  • Trading pair: PEOPLE/USDT spot trading
  • Deposit and withdrawal: ERC20-PEOPLE deposit and withdrawal function will open at 2022/01/08 08:00 AM (UTC time)

Trading PEOPLE spot, share a total of 70,000 PEOPLE

Competition Period: 2022/01/08 10:00 – 2022/01/15 10:00 (UTC time)

During the competition period, users who participate in PEOPLE spot trading, with a total trading volume of ≥ 50,000 USDT on a single account, will be ranked by trading volume as follows

  • 1st place: 25,000 PEOPLE
  • 2nd place: 20,000 PEOPLE
  • 3rd place: 15,000 PEOPLE
  • 4th – 5th place: 3,000 PEOPLE each
  • The remaining 4,000 PEOPLE will be shared by the users who meet the conditions.


  • Valid trading volume = buy + sell, self-dealing accounts will not be counted.
  • Users must complete identity verification before the end of the competition.

Risk Warning:

Digital assets are innovative blockchain products with high price fluctuations, please judge your risk bearing ability rationally and make prudent trading decisions.

BitWell is not responsible for any losses caused by price fluctuations when buying, selling or holding digital assets.

BitWell Team

About ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

ConstitutionDAO was a crowd-funding movement to buy a first-edition copy of the U.S. constitution. PEOPLE is the token representing a share of the ConstitutionDAO. Since the bid for the document has failed, the PEOPLE token is now representing a DAO movement with historical significance.

Currently, the PEOPLE token has no explicit use cases as the founding team has chosen to close the project and burned their multi-sig that controlled the raised fund. As such, no further PEOPLE tokens can be minted. PEOPLE holders will always have the chance to convert 1,000,000 PEOPLE tokens to 1 ETH.

Official Website:

Click to view: ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) Project Analysis

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