BitWell Institute – OpenDAO (SOS) Project Analysis

1.Short review of the Institute

This is the first community-based opensea airdrop token, and more than 100,000 users have already received airdrop tokens. It is a fairlanuch project, and it will probably rely on the acquired users to develop and operate new products in the future.

2. Introduction of the project

$SOS is a token created by OpenDAO and distributed in the NFT community. $SOS can be claimed by users who trade with ETH on the OpenSea marketplace. The amount of SOS received depends on the amount of ETH spent by users and the number of transactions they make.

3. Token roles

  • Participate in community governance
  • Pledge mining, liquidity mining

4. Token allocation

The total volume of SOS is 100 trillion, and the specific allocation is as follows:

  • Airdrop to OpenSea users: 50%
  • Staking reward: 20%
  • OpenDAO: 20%
  • LP reward: 10%

5. Investment institutions


6. Basic Information

Token name: SOS

Project website:

Block query: