BitWell Institute – ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) Project Analysis

1.Short review of the Institute

The recent hot DAO project, has a very strong meme attribute, and the project was supported by coinbase in the early stage when the crowdfunding was just launched. The project is very popular.

2. Introduction of the project

ConsitutionDAO’s goal was to win a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution at Sothby’s auction and appeal for donations to the cryptocurrency world.ConsitutionDAO attracted 17,437 contributors and raised over $47 million. PEOPLE was given by ConsitutionDAO to its contributors tokens, which became community-owned after the auction failed.

3. Token Role

Currently, the PEOPLE token has no clear purpose, because the founding team chose to shut down the project and destroy the multiple signatures that controlled the funds raised.

4. Token Distribution

Fair distribution

Get 100w PEOPLE for every Ether paid

5. Investment institutions


6. Basic Information

Token name: PEOPLE

Project website: