BitWell Research – Gala Games (GALA) Project Analysis

1.Brief Comment

From the perspective of project layout, Gala Games aims to build a decentralized game social network to attract other game studios to integrate. From the perspective of ecological development, quality games will bring more user growth to the platform, and more users will attract other game studios to join the platform, thus forming a positive cycle. The first game launched by Gala was well received and attracted a considerable number of users, which is a good start. However, in terms of game genres, the game has a limited footprint and a narrow audience, and whether Gala as a game platform can bring sustainable user growth will depend on whether there are other breakout games to come.

Gala’s decentralized network is realized by distributed nodes, and the team earns profit by selling node licenses, while the node equipment requirements are low for users who buy nodes, but the node payback cycle is long according to the current token price. The important point for blockchain games to attract users is the token economy, and the value of tokens is determined by the tight combination of tokens and games, and the profit model of ‘earn while playing’ is a direct means to attract users. At present: ① GALA tokens do not have a large connection with the in-game ecology, and the NFT sales model is more like traditional games where players ‘wasting money’ and the game operator makes profits; ② For players, there is no other profit model in the game for the time being (e.g. ‘earn while playing’). For players, there is no other profit model in the game for the time being (such as ‘earn while you play’), only ranking matches, which may cause the game to turn away some ordinary players. Therefore, in a comprehensive view, the project is currently not more closely related to the blockchain, but the current several games are not officially online, or to see the subsequent economic model design, and whether there are explosive games born on the platform.

2.Project Introduction

Gala Games is a game platform using blockchain technology, which focuses on the fun of games and introduces a variety of game genres, including MOBA, simulation, RPG, tower defense, strategy, etc., and will develop games together with several game manufacturers. At present, its first game Town Star is in the public test stage and has gained high market popularity, but it has not yet joined the blockchain elements during the test period, and the official launch time is to be determined.

3.Token Role

GALA can currently be used as a medium of exchange within the platform to purchase various NFT props.

4.Token Allocation

Total number of tokens: 50 billion

At present, there is no token sale, tokens are produced daily through node mining, and the production is halved in July every year, the specific production is as follows.

  • 2019/7/22 – 2020/7/21: 68,493,150 GALA per day
  • 2020/7/22 – 2021/7/21: 34,246,575 GALA per day
  • 2021/7/22 – 2022/7/21: Daily 17,123,287 GALA
  • ……

In the current phase of daily output 17,123,287 GALA, 25% of which is distributed to nodes, according to the proportion of the number of points of each node to the whole network on that day. According to the output rules, more than 30 billion GALA have been produced so far, but excluding the unminted ones, the actual circulation is not that much. According to CoinMarketCap’s statistics, the current circulation is about 6.98 billion GALA.

5.Investment Institutions

Flare, Mazer Gaming, Bitrue, Brave, Polygon.

6.Basic information

Token name: GALA

Project website: