BitWell Research – Talken (TALK) Project Analysis

1.Brief Comment

Talken wallet is currently the mainstream multi-chain NFT wallet, the first NFT wallet in Korea, its user base is huge, with 4.5 million total users, 3 million users participating in forum discussions, 1 million new users and 600,000 downloads expected by December 2021, the number of casting NFT/custom NFT and transaction volume will grow exponentially, with K-pop stars and other industry celebrities as well as influential authors in exclusive partnerships and strategic partnerships. However, its development also depends on the development of the NFT market. If the NFT market can continue to be hot, the project potential is still relatively large.

2.Project Introduction

Talken is a Korean NFT multi-chain decentralized wallet with easy operation and support for multiple chains. After their acquisition of CoinManager in 2019, the total number of users exceeds one million, and within their NFT decentralized wallet ecosystem, K-pop stars, celebrities and artists can complete one-stop creation, auction, collection and trading. talken’s vision is to build an NFT wallet for multi-chain users and creators that seamlessly supports cross-chain interoperability and becomes a decentralized Talken’s vision is to build an NFT wallet that seamlessly supports cross-chain interoperability for multi-chain users and creators, becoming a decentralized, governed place to create, collect, store and trade unique digital collections of K-pop stars, celebrities and artists.

3.Token Role

TALK is a utility token for the entire NFT ecosystem. It is mainly used for platform transactions and governance, etc.

4.Token allocation

Total number of tokens: 500 million

SalesAllocation percentageToken Release Program
Public Placement1%All unlocked
Private Placement24%Unlocked linearly over 12 months
Partners20%Unlocked linearly over 24 months
Markets20%Unlocked linearly over 36 months
Team20%Locked for 12 months and then unlocked linearly over 24 months
Reservation15%Locked for 12 months and then unlocked linearly over 24 months

Table: Token Distribution Release Form

5.Investment Institutions

BDC Labs , Honest Ventures , Kryptos Research , Pharos Capital , Tachyon Partners , Alphabit.

6.Basic Information

Token Name: TALK

Early Investor Price : $0.02 – $0.2

Initial Token Issue Date: August 2021

Project Website: