BitWell Research – Fantom (FTM) Project Analysis

1.Brief Comment

At the level of funding and backing, Fantom has raised several new financing rounds of $70 million this year, including SBF’s Alameda Research, which can bring many industry resources to Fantom. In addition, AC as Fontom’s advisor has been promoting various projects to integrate into the Fantom chain across chains, enabling Fantom’s ecology to rapidly expansion. In addition, the Fantom Foundation recently announced that it will invest 370 million FTM to stimulate the development of the ecology, and TVL is also growing rapidly, along with the development of the ecology will have a lot of opportunities.

2.Project Introduction

Fantom is a high-performance public chain (compatible with Ethernet virtual machine) based on DAG technology and supporting smart contracts, which is dedicated to solving the problems of poor scalability and inefficiency of existing blockchains.

3.Token role

FTM token has several roles in Fantom’s ecology, which are indispensable for a well-working and healthy network.

  • Ensure the security of the network: Fantom uses a PoS system that requires the authenticator to hold FTM. 2.
  • Paying for the network: To compensate verifiers for their services and prevent transaction fraud, each action on the Fantom network consumes a small fee, which is paid in FTM.
  • Voting for in-chain governance: Fantom eco-related decisions are decided through transparent in-chain voting.
  • Other uses: FTM will be used as collateral in the future Fantom DeFi suite.

4.Token allocation

Total number of tokens: 3.175 billion

AllocationQuantity (FTM)PercentageDescription
Private Placement Round1.176 billion37.04%All unlocked in January 2019.
Block Awards1.039 billion32.75%Linear release begins in October 2019, all unlocked in September 2023.
Advisors381 million12%All unlocked in January 2019.
Team237 million7.49%All unlocked in January 2019.
Token Reserve190 million6%All unlocked in April 2019.
Seed Round100 million3.15%All unlocked in December 2018.
Public Sale4984.75 million1.57%All unlocked in January 2019.

5.Investment Institutions

01 Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, BlackEdge Capital, Block Crafters Capital, BlockFront Capital, Blockox Fund, BlockVC, BlockWater Capital ChainRock, Digital Currency Holdings, Elysium, Future Money, Global Brain, HyperChain Capital, Kosmos Capital, Lemniscap, Mainnet Capital, Mija Capital Nirvana Capital, Obsidian Capital, One Block Capital, Orichal Partners, Origin X Capital, QCP Capital, Signum Capital, Strategic Round Capital, Tenshi Capital XSQ Capital, Zorax Capital, 8Decimal, Genblock Capital, Crypto Bazar, LD Capital, Alameda Research.

6.Basic Information

Token Name: FTM

Initial Funding: $1.6 million 

Cumulative funding: $76.3 million

Project website:

Blockchain Browser: