BitWell Research – Industry News (09.11.2021)

1.Optimism tweeted about a big announcement coming next week!

2.SHERPA has sent an airdrop to TORN, requiring wallets to hold 10 or more torn by 8 September.

3.The NFT trading marketplace RaritySea (beta version) for the AC-backed Fantom eco-gaming project Rarity has been released.

4.An early BTC wallet activated on 11 September containing 2,720 BTC.

5.Loot founder launches new chain pet game ‘wagmigotchi’.

6.The proposal for Radix unlocking model change takes effect on 15 September.

7.Matryoshka, the NFT liquidity protocol, will update its website on 12 September.

8.Synthetic asset protocol Syndr will release a test network product this month.

9.Greenbeli has announced the upcoming launch of IDO on BSCStation Launchpad on 20 September at 4:00am UTC time.