BitWell’s Notice for Users to Beware of Fake Websites and APP (09.07.2021)

Dear Users,

Recently, official BitWell has found scam websites and mobile APP appeared. In order to protect the security of user assets and prevent you from being scammed, BitWell team hereby makes a reminder.

1.Please pay attention to the official website address when logging into BitWell.

2.BitWell mobile APP downloads are available for:

Or directly enter the official website home page to download.

BitWell solemnly reminds you that please login or download through the above official website, and do not trust other links with similar names. If you any problem when logging in or downloading the APP, or if you have questions about the domain name through internet search, please contact our customer service to confirm further.

BitWell is not responsible for any loss of assets caused by you logging in or trading through other links.

Thank you for your support of BitWell.

BitWell Team

Fake website information is attached

Fake website address:

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